Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Better Gods & Goddesses

I promised better pictures than yesterday, and here they are!


  1. Festivals are going to begin in 15 days. And we can enjoy these everywhere.
    Thanks for the photos in advance.

  2. Wow, these have come out really nice! Did you use a tripod?

  3. Oh, and to answer your other question, Yes, I think I will do this next year too. Even though its a pain in the a$$, I think it has helped me improve my camera skills and also I love looking through the archives to relive the memories :)

  4. Nivi, yeah, it was some local festival also yesterday, i heard - not sure if it was connected to these Gods and Goddesses.
    Sig, the tripod is safely tucked away in the closet - I stopped the car, got out and shot these pics.
    I thought I wouldn't do a daily thing next year, don't want to do anymore 'what I ate today because I can't think of anything else' type of pix, but as and when I get something nice, I would do it, to keep the habit going.

  5. Having a theme, like what Sig is doing, probably helps too. And you can always change the theme from time to time. I'm way too lazy to do something like this myself but I'm enjoying all you 365ers' pics.