Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm Too SXy For My ...

That's my proud possessor holding me. Wish me a fruitful, theft-free, scratch-free, accident-free life with her please!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Feeble Attempts

I'm still struggling to make a go of Project 365 ever since I lost my camera. Suddenly, taking pictures with my mobile phone, a relatively recent phenomenon for me (less than a year old) is no longer much fun. I also struggle with a conscience - I know I've missed out one more day and hence the confession before I can say one of these photos makes up for that (who's going to count anyway?)

I was hoping to have the new camera today but the one I've chosen is a fairly high-end point and shoot, so it isn't readily available - it has been ordered by the dealer and will arrive at his showroom only next week.

Here, then are the photos from the last one week or more. Bad pictures most of them, but at least they represent an attempt to not give up :(.

Travelling ...

Couscous, eaten with chicken one day and beans and capsicum the next.

What do those look like? They are neither burn marks nor a skin disease, just the shadow of raindrops from the windshield on my hand under a yellow street light!

Leeks and onions frying for an eggy delight

Feng Shui charms from a night market in Taiwan - really not sure what they represent. The first one (the circular one) is for money, that's what the hawker said, and she didn't know much more English beyond that.

Two, no, three of my favourite persons

At the bank - now rules require that the locker keys be inscribed with some code

A curry leaf fish fry that I made recently

Can you spot the "idli dhokla"?

English as she is spoken :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

No Mojo

Project 365 has lost its appeal for me somewhat after I returned from my trip. I guess the loss of my camera did that, combined with the fact that I have had so much to do since I came back. Weariness seems to have taken over and I haven't been uploading pictures as I should. Here are the last few days' pix, taken on my mobile phone. I haven't made any effort at the aesthetics, just struggling to keep myself going as a Project 365-er and not a giver-upper.

Vinayaka Chaturthi

Cajun Coca-Cola Chicken

A milestone!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Last Two Weeks ...

... have been a mishmash of a jaunt abroad, the loss of my camera (and half my pictures), and much work and preoccupation after returning home. So instead of doing a day by day post, I'll just leave you with pictures of my trip to Taipei, Taiwan and Bangkok, Thailand. I hope you've seen the foodie pictures here?

En route to the hotel from Taoyuan Airport, Taipei. Much of Taipei is like this, with clouds touching the mountains, which redeem the city from looking like the concrete jungle it is.

The Grand Hotel, Taipei. It's built in a traditional Chinese style, which Taiwan shares with China.

Taipei 101, the world's biggest skyscraper now

A piece of art, celebrating Taipei

Incredible India in Taipei

:) I don't know who this is - I just noticed him dozing peacefully at the entrance to a building/a parking lot.

Taipei 101 by night

Longshan temple, Taipei

On the Chayo Phraya, Bangkok

Monks travelling by boat

Wat Arun, a temple that I visited, Bangkok. I had to take a train and two boats to get here.