Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Last Two Weeks ...

... have been a mishmash of a jaunt abroad, the loss of my camera (and half my pictures), and much work and preoccupation after returning home. So instead of doing a day by day post, I'll just leave you with pictures of my trip to Taipei, Taiwan and Bangkok, Thailand. I hope you've seen the foodie pictures here?

En route to the hotel from Taoyuan Airport, Taipei. Much of Taipei is like this, with clouds touching the mountains, which redeem the city from looking like the concrete jungle it is.

The Grand Hotel, Taipei. It's built in a traditional Chinese style, which Taiwan shares with China.

Taipei 101, the world's biggest skyscraper now

A piece of art, celebrating Taipei

Incredible India in Taipei

:) I don't know who this is - I just noticed him dozing peacefully at the entrance to a building/a parking lot.

Taipei 101 by night

Longshan temple, Taipei

On the Chayo Phraya, Bangkok

Monks travelling by boat

Wat Arun, a temple that I visited, Bangkok. I had to take a train and two boats to get here.


  1. Hi
    Thats what I was thinking where did you disappear!!!
    so sad that your camera is lost.
    The above photos are fantastic and I loved the guy who is resting outside!!in a parking lot.

  2. Lost your camera? Jeesh, that's no fun when traveling. : { Glad you snagged these shots. How gorgeous the natural landscape is. That bull oddly reminds me of the Wall Street beast on Broadway - just as entertaining. : D