Saturday, October 16, 2010

Flora At Home, Accented

Papaya, with colour accented, finally had some fun with my new Canon SX 210 IS today!

With the macro setting

More accent on the colour! This is the 'bird of paradise'.


  1. Is this your place, Sra? Love all the whitewashed concrete and private alleys and entrance. A wonderful space.

  2. Susan, thanks! This is at Home, where my parents live. I used the Colour Accent mode, the walls are actually cream. This is not an alley, it's just the little bit of space between the main house and the boundary wall. The door at the rear is one of two rooms set apart from the main house, what you're seeing is actually the toilet! There's a (bed)room next door and the kitchen for the person living there is housed under the groove/slant caused by the staircase that leads to a terrace on the main house!