Tuesday, November 16, 2010

These Past Few Days

Nowadays, I don't even try to take good photos. This project has become one that's all about struggling to the finish line at any cost. Here are pictures from the past few days:

A landmark in my city

I've seen stuff like this only on the doors and walls of loos in trains, this was in an elevator!

Double rainbow! On the way back from home after the Deepavali break. I saw a rainbow on my way there too!

I still remember the days of my childhood when this creeper came to our house - how taken we were with its exotica, and its fragrance. It smelled very sweet and there were ants running over the flowers all the time. I just realise I'd posted this on my other blog a couple of years ago.

Green bananas, steamed, grated, tempered

Mashing garlic, in preparation for tawa paneer

Gravy for paneer makhani

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