Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Waiting For More

Now that the jackfruit has been simplified, the next thing to do is collect the seeds, either to roast them or finally attempt the curries I've been seeing all over the blogosphere.

What you see here is a plate filled with water in which the plate with the seeds is kept. (This is so that ants can't get at the seeds.) It lies next to the jackfruit segments and you're expected to wrest the seed out, place it in the plate and then eat the fruit. You are NOT allowed to eat the fruit and spit out the seed and place it in the plate.


  1. Roasted JF seeds are the best, nutty taste! :)

  2. As little kids, we'd roast them them on embers and eat them. My grandmother would use this trick of placing one container in another filled with water to keep away the ants, for ghee.


  3. Sra, wash it well....dry it in the sun for a while and then you'll find that ants won't come near it.

  4. Why are you not allowed to eat the fruit and spit out the seed?

  5. Asha, Mamatha, yeah, my gran made them once.
    Jayashree, will do.
    Jaya, in the interests of sanitariness!

  6. Nobody told me about the no-spitting-seeds law :)