Thursday, April 29, 2010

At Work


  1. I don't know what this is, Sra, but I like it. Do tell...

  2. :-D :-D

    Susan, it wasn't even a make-do photo! I was just testing the camera at work and as the rest of the day's photos were duds, I thought this was the best. It's been digitally altered to hide my identity!

    Here's a deconstruction: The blotchy stuff is the rose-patterned dupatta (or scarf) that I wear over a salwar kameez. You'll see the kameez (top) peeking out from underneath in polka dots. I am there - my neck sticks out of the dupatta but blends into the rest of the gray. My chinline is defined by a darker colour. You can make out the keyboard and the mouse and the rest of the computery stuff on the right! On the left of the photo is my arm reaching up to my forehead, again blending with the grey but defined by the darker stroke of the bangle encircling it.