Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Pleasures Of The Flesh

The assistant at the tender coconut stall on the pavement looked bemused, and then amused, when I asked him to hold this and pose for a photo. In the many seconds that it took to convince him I was no nut, another customer came by so he became unavailable and this had to go back to the pavement, where the owner thoughtfully swatted the flies while I took my picture.


  1. And no one eats the tender flesh at your end ?


  2. No, we do, of course. For me that's the best part, more than the water. It's scooped out with a piece of the husk, you can see it against the coconut - but I ate it with my fingers because it went on to the pavement!

  3. You have no idea how envious of you this picture has made me. How I wish I can have tender coconut now!


  4. Such a lovely misleading title :)