Sunday, April 4, 2010


This is how it began ...

And this is how it ended!


  1. Did that really end up in the trash??? Why?? It couldn't have been that bad!!!!! But that must've sucked though, after all that work! And is that banana leaf I see?

  2. Valli, I began making it.
    Sig, I followed a recipe from the latest Biriyani cookbook - I had my doubts about the instructions because they didn't mention any water but I thought let me follow it faithfully, this is no mean author. Within minutes, it had gotten scorched. I tried to save it but in the process, it became a big lump that smelt charred!

  3. That is sad. No water biryani? I love watching your photos, the sights and sites is incomparable - beauty of India.

    If I had taken on this project I would have bored myself and everyone else in a few days, with the repetition.

  4. Indo, thank you, thank you, I have my inspiration-less days when I have to do something quickly and pose it as 'photo of the day'. You know what else happened, I tried putting the mortal and pestle on the lid to weigh it down, they fell inside the briyani and I singed my hand trying to take them out. The entire thing was like a comedy of errors.

  5. I felt sad seeing that go to trash :(