Sunday, January 24, 2010

At The Movies

A friend and I watched 3 Idiots a few hours ago.


  1. Coffee and popcorn, great combo. I think I am the only desi in the world who hasn't watched 3 idiots.

  2. Did you like it?..I knew that who Mr.Phunsuk Wangde was..the minute silencer mentions it..;) was a nice watch..:)


  3. And how did you like the movie?

    On an aside, the pop-corn reminds me of a really funny incident. I once went out for a movie with my friend and her daughter (it was a kids' movie) and we decided to get some pop-corn. I saw a cpl. of people with buckets of pop-corn that were sized just like the one you are holding and i assumed (yes!!) that it was a large size serving. Oh and then i went ahead and sweetly asked for a large pop-corn and guess what i got? A serving that was 5-6 times bigger than that!! We got sick of pop-corn after that incident :(.

  4. Sig, I'll join your club. The last time I had popcorn at the cinema in India it was under cooked and burnt.

  5. Sig, I haven't watched it either :)


  6. Sig, I had the beginnings of a migraine before I entered the theater and hence the coffee during the interval. I ate some of the popcorn but the flavouring is really not my thing.
    Siri, yes, I liked it - I had my suspicions about Wangdu's identity when that guy goes on mentioning it ...
    Musy, can watch it once. And yes, I know what large is in the US :)
    Jaya, actually, I quite like the popcorn here, the ordinary one - the flavoured one we had at the theatre was soft and not at all spiced.
    Mamatha, it's fun

  7. Mmmm..i had a small popcorn and a small drink (as big as my head) while watching the movie..that i liked. Rajiv does not like you could imagine my glee...coz that man eats really fast!