Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Full Of Fruit

These are the handpicked tiles that adorn my wash basin area. I hope for better pix tomorrow.


  1. looking at food before and after having food ;). Lol at you hoping for better pics. Actually i do not know what pic to take out today...having a boring day..hmm..that is a new one for me ;)

  2. these are the areas where I paint when I am bored ;)

  3. I am thinking that with 365 days, its okay to have a few boring days here and there... I am quickly running out of landscape to cover around my house. :)

  4. Very interesting, actually! Isn't project 365 meant to chronicle the way life happens through pictures, so it's fun to see all kinds of pictures. I have already begun repeating myself ;).

  5. Rajitha, waiting to see your pix
    Rachel, I can't do any art myself, tho' I'd love my house to look all arty and ethnic.
    Sig, yeah, but I seem to have a row of boring days
    Musy, I fear I'll begin v soon, to repeat myself.