Monday, January 4, 2010

Shadow In Stripes

I've been wanting to photograph the graceful shadow of this rocking chair for a while now. Thanks to this year-in-pictures project, I spent about 20 minutes last night photographing it from various angles and in various modes that my camera provides. The wall on which the chair casts a shadow is only a pale ivory in reality, but the shadow showed up well in this picture, which, I think is in 'night+portrait' mode.


  1. LOL, believe for this project you are spending so much time on this!..but picture looks good..

  2. Thanks, Valli, I also liked it. I wish my wall really was that colour now, after seeing the photo!

  3. Lovely shot Sra. I like how the wall appears golden yellow.


  4. Sra,
    I loved the pattern there has come really beautiful ..

    I am so liking this space , keep going 365 a day daily :-)..
    hugs and smiles

  5. Thrilled you are doing this, Sra! An excellent first shot out of the box, too. Lovely shadows and very well composed. I like the wall color, too, an effect of the light source in the room.

  6. Susan, I'm thinking that the next time the house is painted, I should paint the wall that colour. And take another pic with the chair and its shadow and see what happens!