Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Didn't Eat All Of It!

A blogger friend from across the seas was in our city and I met her along with another friend. We ordered taco for one, potato skins for us, chimichanga for the other and Waldorf salad for me, with specific requests for fresh lettuce and lots of walnuts, both of which I got. The cute and wizened waiter was mighty amused at the request, though, and kept laughing to himself all the time we were there. He kept asking me whether the lettuce was fresh, whether the walnuts were 'lots' and how I liked the salad. I liked it a lot, but for the decorative tomatoes, arranged what they no doubt thought was artistically, around the plate. He laughed more when I said I was very happy with it. I think he was laughing AT me.


  1. hahah..I know you didn't eat everything off..:)

  2. That must've been one tasty salad! And yeah, I'd totally skip the tomatoes too..