Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Repairs & Replacements

I go through this road everyday. It's full of auto parts shops and my aim is to capture the display of red you see in the shop to the right. There are too many people everyday and I haven't dared take a picture, but today being a holiday, there were fewer people on the road - and yes, that made it easier for them to notice me shooting them from inside the window of a moving car!

I'm not too displeased with the picture (though I know it's not clear) because I seem to have caught one person actively attending to a motorbike.


  1. What are those red thingies Sra? They look like red foil.


  2. Mamatha, not sure, but the stuff you put on the sides of motorcycles or something, I think. My first instinct was to call them thingies too!