Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Unusual Flower

I spotted this Sivalinga flower/cannonball tree today. Here are some beautiful pictures of the same tree and its fruit too! And here's some information.

This is the fruit of the cannonball tree. This photo is from my trip to Thailand a couple of years ago. I didn't see any flowers there. It's known as the sala tree there.

Here are more sights from Thailand.


  1. Pretty! I feel like I have seen this flower somewhere, but I can't remember where! Siv's last name is Nagalingam, so I just told him that there's a flower named after him :)

  2. I didn't know the name but it the flower sure has a lovely aroma.

  3. Beautiful! The flowers look like orchids.

  4. Sig, it's rather rare, but seems to grow well in the South.
    Rachel, yes, now that you say, it is fragrant, I remember
    Jaya, yeah, and the ones below, in the next foto, they are orchids.

  5. Sivalingam flowers are quite common in down south right..though in madras I haven't seen much..lovely pictures!

  6. I know this flower, I mean, I've seen this before but only in my grandma's town and no where else. It has a heady fragrance.