Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cooking in Darkness

Remember this? Above is how it is used.


  1. I am more impressed with the use of the book light. Why are you cooking in the dark? Is the power out?

  2. That's pretty cool. I didn't see the light bulb on the first pic, is that an optional attachment?

  3. Jaya, yeah, we had a power cut and my kitchen is not well ventilated.
    Raaga, Rachel, thanks!
    Sig, the book light is a separate gadget altogether. And this is a diary I'm using to copy recipes from the Net.

  4. I've contemplated buying one of those book lights, but thought they wouldn't be bright enough. Looking at your, I think they might be a good buy after all.


  5. Why do you copy recipes print them out, less work :-)
    When we are in Kerala we always have candle light diiners, well just say mostly there is power cuts when it is time for dinner and mostly the emergency lamp stays in the kitchen.

  6. Now isn't that an oxymoron -- to write down recipes copied from the net!