Monday, March 15, 2010


When this happened the other day with The Spouse as he raised the bottle to his mouth for a drink of water, I told him to wait and rapidly shot pictures of the fibre coaster stuck to the bottle, thinking it was a rare occurrence. I didn't post those pictures because something else presented itself. But over the last couple of days, this bottle has stuck to whichever coaster it's put on (why was it on coasters anyway) and today, I made it picture of the day. Guess there's something sticky underneath the bottle and it's nothing to do with the scientific reason behind Ganesh drinking milk all those years ago!


  1. LOL, I guess it just needs a wash, if it is sticking to all the coasters.

  2. Sig, we just washed it, it's brand new and there's nothing sticky when I felt it underneath. Guess it's the coasters, but I wonder how so many of them got sticky.

  3. LOL, the Ganesh mania. Now, if only your bottle was shaped different?