Monday, March 29, 2010

Silk Cotton Tree

There was one, and I took a picture as nostalgia struck. Then there was another, and I took another picture. Then there was a third, and I realised I hadn't observed these trees in all the years that I inhabit(ed) this area!

See a nice post about the tree here.


  1. very familiar road but I have failed to notice this tree!

  2. That looks like a very nice neighborhood. :)

  3. Oh, we had one of these in our backyard too! It used to create a mess when the fruits burst open, but now I too am getting nostalgic! BTW, this project365 is making all of us more observant for sure :)

  4. Rachel, I used to live close by for many years and then, of course, that's where the gyms are!
    Jaya, it is, wish I'd found a house somewhere there, even after I moved out.
    Sig, we used to have one in our house, by the side. We had lots of trees.