Friday, March 19, 2010


That applies to today's photo as well as the subject of the photo itself. I washed the covers of this chair and The Spouse dutifully sent it off for ironing before I could warn him not to. That's my new dupatta you see wrapped around it. I got the cushion covers at a handicrafts exhibition, from a stall from West Bengal.
I call it a makeshift effort as I couldn't manage anything better after a long day at work. In fact, I had two great subjects, but passed them too soon - one was a kid with a double halo of little green bulbs around his head, and a little later, it was a guy selling headsets of fluorescent red horns (like in the devil's horns) who approached me when I stopped at the traffic signal. He was wearing one himself. I began groping for the camera but he had rightly guessed my interest in him wasn't business, and went away. (I would have attempted to compensate him.)


  1. Those devils in their horns have irritated me no end on the jubilee hills check post signal - those things are no longer sold now, may be went in search of 'redder' pastures.
    This is a neat arrangement - i do it just for a change of colour on sofa - with a throw :) just like that!

  2. Both those would've made some great candid shots! They need to invent a camera we can wear in our eyes, like a contact lens. Whenever we see something intersting, we just need to blink and it will be captured instantly. How cool will that be!

  3. I am stuck on the spouse sending off the covers for ironing, dutifully!

    @Sig, I think the camera you are talking about will overload our already overloaded brain with stuff we don't want to hear or see, among other things. Just a thought.

  4. Nandita, :) I haven't attempted throws!
    Sig, I love the idea, but I wonder how we'll transfer it to the computer - just like that, with another blink?
    Jaya, :) I see your point too, about the eye camera, and was wondering how to eliminate the stuff we don't want to remember