Monday, February 15, 2010


I saw this at the sale yesterday and didn't know what it was. I was very impressed when the salesman told me and asked him to show me more such interesting things. Then he showed me a kitchen paper stand, which I'm familiar with, and one more contraption which had little steel wire circles welded to a central stem. That, he said, was to keep fruit!!!

It's one of the newest and more useful things I've seen in a while in these stores, considering that I've seen useless stuff like banana stands and a small cast iron pan which is painted on the cooking surface.


  1. Hmmm!!! How do you keep fruit in there? Bit confusing. I have a wooden Banana hanger, love it, love gadgets! :D

  2. Hi,
    A very unique book stand! Worth for collection. Good you got it!

  3. Asha, if you mean the fruit thingy which I mentioned, you keep the fruit in those steel wire circles - remember the coffee/tea glass holder that we see in offices in India, it's a very posh, ultra-modern version of that (and bears no resemblance to it. This is to prop up your cookbook.
    Nivedita, I thought so too :)

  4. Good way to keep the cookbooks clean ;)

  5. I like that shiny chrom stuff though we do get Indianized versions of these over here which are actually pretty cool.
    I got rid of my banana stands, the one with the hooks. Never really liked them with the ripe bananas falling lose off them. :)

  6. That's a cool gadget. Can you balance it on your tummy? That's what I really need, I love to read in bed and my arms ache after a while...

  7. Nandita, yeah, the clean aspect didn't strike me, just the convenience of not having to ensure it stayed at the same page.
    Jaya, never understood the banana stands, never thought the unripe ones could stick on them either.
    Sig, I have the exact same problem - I bought a small b'fast table, small cushions etc to do that but it's still a struggle - that's what I'm going to try. The problem is not one of balance - it's that the arms are too short to hold the book, I think. Mine, at least!