Friday, May 14, 2010

Give Me Red

Actually, the splash of white is equally striking - I made rogan josh this morning and could only take two pictures before I stirred the gravy so this is the best I could get. I love the contrast between the colours though the quality is not good.

This is also an argument for sticking to Kashmiri Chilli Powder when it's asked for in a recipe!


  1. Good lordy! That is red hot color, love it. I bought a pack of Kashimiri chilli, haven't used it yet. Hope it's as fiery hot as it looks though. Need a big glass of Lassi if it is! :D

    I made Butter chicken, Jeera rice, Besan laddoo and Mango Lassi for Trisha's friend who wanted to have lunch with us. She LOVES my Butter chicken, I always packed a bowl for her to send it to her, this time she came home. Her parents are vegetarians (Buddhists) but she eats non-veg when they are not around.

    Have a great weekend. My son is off to Aviation Museum in Washington DC (school trip), will be back tomorrow.

  2. Lovely colors. I never get my gravys that

  3. that red. :) Sorry, my laptop is acting crazy.

  4. Jaya, that's because it's Kashmiri chilli powder!