Saturday, May 15, 2010

Making An Impression

But will it have an effect? Wish me luck.

In pic: I just finished a sweaty hour of yoga. This was the first time I made an impression on the mat in the two months I've owned it, I found it intriguing and it had to be photo of the day!


  1. LOL, good one, and congrats!! :)

  2. Yeh! wishing you more *sweaty* hours like this :D


  3. Hey, not fair! My yoga mat is sweaty like this four days a week and I never thought of taking a pic. Ok, have to credit you with a brilliant idea. :)

  4. Sig, Siri, Jaya, thanks! It left an outline, maybe the heat melted something off me and off the mat as well! I also thought it looked ghostly, like a wavy spirit, you know?