Thursday, May 27, 2010

Which One Will She Pick?

Actually, I know, because they just called me. For someone who has used the Internet longer than they have, the credit for this idea goes to my parents. Every time my mother spied something she thought I would like, they would take pictures of the stuff and e-mail it to me to choose. After I spoke to them, they would go and buy it.

Today, I did the same thing. I will buy it tomorrow.


  1. Now that is hi-tech. I am so impressed with your parents. :)

  2. Are those sarees? Too hazy to see it. Have fun with new outfit! :)

    We have 3 day Memorial holiday, it also going to rain a LOT tomorrow, so might plan go to "Prince of Persia" on Sunday and BBQ on Monday.

  3. I like the white and blue, from what I can see. :)
    And yeah, it helps to have hi-tech parents :)

  4. Your parents sounds like my daughter, when she see something she takes a pic and then come home and show it to us. But then think who has to go and get them and pay for it. Well guessed correct us :-)
    Hats off to your parents for beeing so savy with computer.

  5. That's a beautifully blurred shot, Sra. I couldn't pick a favorite; they are all so lovely for their own sakes. I do have a weakness for textiles.