Friday, May 7, 2010

Household Tip

I read somewhere long ago that if there's too much smoke from frying trapped inside the house, one way to get rid of it is to wet a towel and walk around the house. I fried something today and within no time, there was a pall of smoke in the hall, so I followed the tip, as absurd as the image it created. It seemed to work rather well.

By the way, this is an actual photo - a self-portrait taken while I was following the advice - I put the camera in auto click mode and went about flapping the napkin. What a funny image that must have made!


  1. Must try that wet towel trick next time I burn chapati on the stove!! Usually I deepfry outside on the deck to avoid all the "aroma", so I am okay in that sense! :D
    Have a fun weekend, see you Monday.

  2. LOL :) Seriously, am gonna try that the next time I do my "once" a year frying.

  3. LOL!!!! Last time when you mentioned this I had to imagine you walking around the house with that towel and now I actually get to see it :D

  4. OK, I shall not show this pic to S. He'll think all my friends fry and I am the only one who doesn't!