Friday, May 21, 2010

'Grilled Fillet O Fish'

Or so he would have us believe. I believe they were mere fractions, they were so thin!


  1. HeHe! They are all cleanly divided in fractions indeed, but not a bad deal at all. Good array of vegs, protein and are those fries I see?

    Have a great weekend, see you Monday. It's going to be rainy, not bad for us here.

  2. How I have missed Asha's weather updates!
    I am assuming this dinner was either at a restaurant or at a friend's place?

  3. That looks like a good appetizer plate, or was that the main course?

  4. Asha, Ha ha, not substantial at all for someone who didn't really care for the vegs!
    Jaya, restaurant, I wouldn't have dared criticise it had it been a friend.
    Sig, MAIN course, imagine!