Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Unusual Breakfast

It might not look like it, but this is not one of those make-do photos that I sometimes click for this photo-a-day project. For me, it IS an unusual breakfast. I usually have just the papaya or some other fruit. For some reason, I was very thrilled that I thought up this, all because I had the mushrooms and they spurred me on, reminding me of some round, gleaming fried mushrooms in a breakfast buffet on one of my much desired (and much left to be desired) holidays.

I didn't store the two eggs with the rest of their ilk in the fridge as these two specimens were very dirty and I had to perform an act of precision to ensure I broke the shell and let the yolk come out of the clean part. (Yeah, I can be OCD sometimes.) The mushrooms and the eggs were perfect - the papaya, for all its look and size, was a big letdown. It was unripe and I had to discard most of it.


  1. The colors of the papaya are indeed deceptive.

  2. Yummy! I like the different shades of yellow and orange in the picture.


  3. Scrumptious brekkie! Love Papaya, don't get a sweet one here, often bland. Good that you are having a good breakfast, most imp meal of the day, big mistake to skip it as my daughter does.

  4. This reminds me, I haven't had papaya yet! And yes, that is a scrumptious breakfast.