Thursday, May 13, 2010

Posing, Positioning

I don't have a balcony and my apartment is built so that the amount of sunlight it gets is not too much. I do not know why the architect deprived only this apartment of a balcony but the rest of the design was said to be good - "no heat", they said. Whatever the truth of that might be come summer, post-blogging, I realised it's tough to take bright pictures as there's no direct sunglight, my camera's flash isn't powerful and I don't do much even after reading tutorials to get over that problem. There is one room in the mornings that gets some light so I drag my 'clothesline stand' there, position the dish on the platform created by the wires and take my pictures there.

Yeah, even after the day's washing is hung out to dry.

Go here for the recipe.


  1. Oh I have the same woe too..but have french that light helps...

  2. Slurp! You can adjust and brighten the pics in Picasa if they are a bit dark.

  3. That is one dedicated photo positioning!