Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beads & Ballerinas

Decorations at a wedding I attended today. The caterers/wedding planners do this with their business cards placed close by. They also do ice sculptures and animals and birds carved out of vegetables. I saw a dolphin carved out of a bottlegourd.


  1. Very pretty! Do they just arrange these on a table? And did you take a picture of that bottlegourd dolphin?

  2. All you need is truck load of moolah in India, you can literally live like a king and Queen! Lovely colorful deco, shows lot of effort to make a wedding grand. Beautiful.

  3. Is the decoration permanent on the plate? It would make a colorful wall display.

  4. Pretty!!!! This reminds me of my wedding.. The Caterers did something of this sort during our reception. But I hardly had any time to look at them

  5. Sra, wow how much India has changed, entha creative ga chestaru, amazing. Talambralu biyyam kuda variety ga chestunaru ee rojulo.Thanks for sharing

  6. Beautiful Sra! Are these plates displayed as is or are they used to serve stuff?


  7. lovely thali arrangements - but where were these put up?
    Asha is quite right - you have the dough, you can get anything done - including SRK or Shiv Sena to come and dance at your wedding ;P
    I hope i don't get traced and beaten up for saying that!

  8. Sig, no, there was quite a crowd of people there and I didn't want to ask them to move. Yeah, I've only seen them arrange these in plates on a table, not anywhere else.
    Asha, true. This is a feature in most weddings I go to nowadays.
    Jaya, I don't think so, probably they just throw it away. I really don't know.
    RV, they didn't even let me eat during my own wedding - ultimately, someone got me ice-cream!
    Sreelu, never been to one of those rich Hyderabad weddings? :) It's not exactly this kind, but I've seen lots of unusual stuff there, with all the competition
    Mamatha, they are just displayed like this - think the beads are stuck.
    Nandita, :-D let us hope not.

  9. so beautifull the colored beads et al. ivanni choostunte india lo pellilu yenta grand ga chestunnara pelli yemi chestaro yemito ;)...


  10. Rachel, Arundhati, thanks!
    Siri, ask them to arrange this - I'm sure it's easily done and Hyd probably leads in all this, more than this city!

  11. Wow! never seen these before! But then i haven't attended many weddings ;).