Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dining Table

This is the 'dining table' at an Uncle's house. Over the years, it has become a repository for everything he believes is important 'at the moment' - it contains newspapers, magazines, leaflets, fliers, assorted stationery, and many of Uncle's lost possessions. Right now, his address book - the hard copy, not the electronic kind - is missing, and we think it's somewhere there, under the debris. The Spouse clears it every once in a while but it's back to square one in no time!

I caught sight of this tangle of typewriter ribbon in the dustbin near the dining table. I thought its form, and the red and black made a striking picture against the greens and other pastels inside the dustbin. You can see the typewriter in use in the above two pictures.

I should have titled this picture Bless This Mess!


  1. Ahem, it looks vaguely familiar... :)

  2. Sig, no! Really?
    Vidya, this is where you had the blood-and-gore pudding he fed you!
    Rachel, yes!

  3. Goodness, that had my head reeling - we used to make the dining table the transit camp for everything we did not have the patience to put in place and almost stopped eating on it - now we keep clearing the table, making it easy to eat on :) I feel bad for uncle, and how he'll ever find anything in there :)

  4. Nandita, yeah, he feels bad for himself too :) Don't think he has the patience to search for anything under that mountain, not without help, at least.

  5. My MIL has was she calls her "mad room" - like this, but on a grander (grosser) scale. : X
    I call it a landfill, appropriate for lighting on Guy Fawkes Day.

    Your uncle gets the good-sport award for allowing you photog's dibs to this inner sanctum. I know how much you are fond of him, so revealing his disorganization is not an act of disrespect. : )

  6. That's how T's dining table was before we got married. For the longest time, I wasn't allowed to touch 'his paper's'.
    I agree with Susan, he does deserve a good sports award. :)

  7. Susan, landfill, ROFL! It's not his inner sanctum, by the way, this is the very first room - the door is to a side, and this is where all visitors are entertained, as much as the situation allows.
    Jaya, hope you've trained him to clean it up himself?

  8. Why does this remind me of the grad school days ;).