Saturday, February 6, 2010

Murals In Progress

I couldn't bear the thought of yet another lunch at the canteen, so I hauled myself and my bags over from the gym to a cafe nearby. They were about 10 minutes apart. I crossed the road and began walking on the pavement towards the cafe, only to find that these figures had come up suddenly - I had eaten in the same cafe last week.

I worked on getting rid of my inhibitions (to photograph these on the main road, amidst trafffic) through lunch, and on the way back (to work), I quickly took a few pictures. Earlier, two men had been painting further down this wall. Their models: a newspaper picture of some performance which had a troupe of women performing something with loaded pots atop their heads.

I first photographed the end nearest to the cafe, where there were only outlined figures and not too many passers-by, but two young boys, aged about 10, came up to me, pointed to the women and said, "Go there and take pictures," and went on their way. I knew what they meant, of course, because I had seen it earlier - "There" was where the women were taking form, colourfully, carrying out the balancing act with ease and grace. Here is one more picture!


  1. Gorgeous! So talented, colorful and so nice to walk by them! :)

    In LA, some gang members do the murals with spray paints representing their gang signs etc. Beautiful as well but what a wasted talent on these aimless short lived lives who face violence everyday.

  2. what fabulous pictures sra.... i seem to be seeing a lot of these wall murals in public spaces in many cities... it is a nice way for the pvt/ pub organisations to beautify a facade that would otherwise be covered in film posters or worse the walls used for the convenience of men... good that you got over your inhibition of taking pictures in crowded places...

  3. How beautiful are they! esp the differences between the first & the last pic is just amazing!..:)


  4. Absolutely gorgeous Sra! I would love to see the completed mural.


  5. Asha, I couldn't have put it better - those sentiments!
    Arundhati, yes, unless it's Gods, I doubt people would stop using these as public conveniences, though!
    Siri, yes, from faceless to vibrant!
    Mamatha, will take pix once they're done!

  6. Wow, that's some real talent on display there! Looking forward to seeing the completed wall soon!

  7. These beautiful! It is truly touching and exhilarating to see a piece of art taking form in front of your eyes..