Saturday, February 13, 2010

Murals Finished

When I posted these, some of you said you would like to see the finished ones, so here they are!

This time, I was inside an autorickshaw and asked the driver to slow down when we came to this spot.

As he reluctantly slowed, I clicked these pictures in a minute or two.

When we finally got to my destination just a few feet away, he said, "Give me a little more, Madame!" When I asked him why, he said I had "nicely done some shooting for 10 minutes", I said, "Can you hear yourself speak? Do you really believe in what you're saying?" he grinned. Then we both laughed heartily and went our separate ways.


  1. For some reason, my comments are not going through. Not sure if this one will.

    Thanks for the pictures Sra, the murals are beautiful. I was going to play my guessing game, but there are no clues in the pics. Where in Madras is this?


  2. Where is this. I sure would love to take a look.

  3. :) arguing with the autowallas was my specialty when I lived in India :)
    Love the murlas, those two pics of the women are my favorites!

  4. These are really good Sra, the mural, the photos and the rickshaw conversation. :) I am laughing heartily as I read this.

  5. How gorgeous!! Hahaha! He tried, didn't he?!

  6. Mamatha, this is just before Music Academy.
    Rachel, past Hot Breads, towards Music Academy
    Sig, I'd hate to see them be affected by the weather, but it's inevitable!
    Jaya, thanks. They look all nice and fresh now.
    Asha, He certainly did!

  7. Dramatic and colorful! Well done, Sra!

  8. all of the mural are just fantastic and so lively! Nice pics Sra. :)


  9. Very beautiful! Did you say "Hot Breads"?? Miss Hot Breads sooooooooooo much! And those conversations with the auto wallahs :).