Thursday, February 4, 2010

Going Bananas!

Literally! Shot from inside the auto I was taking to work.


  1. Very cool! I took a photo while on a auto in B'lore of a bus infront of me with a guy literally hanging out of the backdoor except one foot or may be half of it and one hand holding on to that bus! :D

  2. I like that shot, as much as I don't like bananas. :)

  3. i love it...looks in a wierd way as if it were bursting out flowers...i love indian bananas...

  4. I like both - the pic & bananas (raw or ripe).


  5. This is a great shot Sra! You can get such a variety of captures in India. At this time, all I can take pictures of outdoors is the snow :(

  6. Asha, you should put that pic in your blog!
    Jaya, you don't? Actually, I know quite a few who don't.
    Rajitha, it does, doesn't it? I love chakkarakeli and amritapani.
    Sir, me too, but don't eat too many
    Mamatha, why isn't your name appearing here? Anyway, that's the case only outdoors, isn't it? And if you take the same route everyday, which we do, not much scope for variety, but then that's the challenge of this project - one challenge I've liked to handle in a long, long time.