Saturday, February 20, 2010

Much Nostalgia ... And Guess?

The Spouse found this 'sticker book' of his in his Uncle's house this morning. Along with this, he recovered several pencils, a geometry box and other little objects from his childhood.

I used to have sticker books too, much like this, small and pocket-sized. Sometimes a few pages in our rough notes would serve the purpose. We also used to put stickers on the outside and the inside of our metal school boxes, compare notes and swap stickers. Bruce Lee was quite famous. Even now whenever Enter The Dragon is on TV, The Spouse watches it.

Another iconic figure of the times was the Air India Maharaja.

Who didn't love Richie Rich? I like the turtle too, though I don't recognise him, but going by the colour scheme, wouldn't be surprised if he came out of a Richie Rich comic!

A typical sticker book page, or at least this is how I remembered mine looked. Lots of small stickers, stuck in rows on each page/inside the aluminium school box.

Notice the stylised numerals, the Victory sign and (actor?) Rajkumar on the guitar!

I suspect this thing above is at least 60 years old, if not older. Can you guess what it is? No prizes for guessing, though ;)


  1. OMG, I think I had some of the exact same stickers!! The Maharaja for sure. It was a fixture on one of our cupboards until we gave the cupboard away. Sweet. Also love the Pfizer diary - we did things so frugally back in the day!

  2. Amazing, isn't it, ET? You should have seen The Spouse's face today, so thrilled was he!

  3. Aw c'mon, LMK, you can at least give a badge for guessing right. It's a pencil sharpener that Dadaji used, right? Right?

    BTW, I was an ace at drawing Dennis the Menace and Richie Rich.

  4. Sra, this picture brought back so many memories for me. My sister was the sticker collector while I used to collect stamps, actually I think we shared both the albums. I still have them back home in India, along with our autograph books, slam books, geometry box etc. So much fun!

    Is that a pencil sharpener? And Rajkumar was popular with kids? That sticker reminds me of this song:


  5. i liked richie rich!


  6. Wah, wah! That's quite a teasure you discovered! Richie Rich and Maharaja, images from those days.....thankie for the nostalgia.

    No clue what the antique is..

  7. OMG! I am re-living my memories now! When I was a kid, I used collect the book stickers and later, during KKHT times, I used have a small magazine cut-out of Shahurkh, Rani & Kajol on one of the pages! I still have that book..:)))


  8. Lovely! I wasn't allowed to stick stickers on cupboards and all that - but yes, in slam books and stuff - and yes in the metal geometry case :) I had some small pictures from the movie Maine Pyar Kiya, which my grandfather found and threw away promptly like a typical tambram thatha worried about his grand daughter getting too influenced by bollywood movies and stars - he need not have worried, i cant stand that Salman Khan today! Very nice post - reminding us how simple our pleasures were when we were kids - our happiness didn't cost a thing :)

  9. I saved some of those stickers for my daughter and all she wants now is Dora or Ben 10 :(

    And that is a pencil sharpener for sure.

  10. Manisha, wah wah! :-D I couldn't guess till he told me. Your telling me about drawing RR and DtM reminded me of that being another favourite pastime for some.

    Folks, that IS a sharpener and the screw is to be loosened (with a screwdriver) when the blade needs changing.

    Mamatha, I don't think so, could have been some sticker that was just there or something! I tried watching the link you gave me, nothing's coming on, just a lot of angry comments!
    Paz, yeah, Lotta too!
    Musy, now you know what it is!
    Siri, really? :-D
    Nandita, I remember I bought some superhero comic based on Big B for my brother and my mom threw a fit! Shortlived venture that, though, the comics, I mean.
    Rachel, :( Do you too have a sharpener like this?

  11. Ahh memories! Stickers were prized collections for us too... I have to hunt for my sticker book when I go to India next. We used to stick those wherever we could and I remember sticking a few on dad's car and he didn't even scold us :)

  12. sra, these stickers did remind me of school, we used to buy them for 5 paise seems so weird thinking that 5 paise would get you something.

  13. I had huge collections of stickers! My desk at home in Chennai still has them all.

    Nandita: LOL at the MPK thing... I had an entire QSQT scrapbook... maybe it it still somewhere!

  14. I am the only dork who did not have any stickers or collected any. At least I don't remember doing it so I guess I didn't.

    Sig, your dad was a good sport.